Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sick all day today, and not "sick" as in super cool, rad or awesome. I've had a massive migraine and been throwing up, oh but it gets better.... I'm one of 8 rooms in the dorms at the moment that had pipes freeze while I was on vacation, so there's no running water in my room. (Throwing up in a toilet I can't immediately flush... oh man). Life will get better, I'm feeling better already. It's just days like today I wish I was at home in a nice bed getting served some chicken noodle soup by those who love me. Happy Thanksgiving to all, I'm so very thankful I was gifted with the opportunities I have been, the people in my life, and the brain to get me around.
Less than a month left... as a matter of fact in 1 month I'll be at home with the fam!

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