Saturday, November 6, 2010


I worked today!
It's not exactly work... I get to hang out with a family of three boys and a girl and play with them in English, to help them retain their language skills. I had been to their house twice, but today I took the three boys and two of their friends to the local swimming pool; it was Great! They had a waterslide and a high-dive--real decent. I was surprised at how the pool is ran compared to a typical one in the states. There were less rules and the lifeguards weren't as strict. There weren't "roped" off areas at the bottom of the waterslide. You were allowed to go on it 3 people at a time-regardless of age or if you were wearing "water wings".

Today is "National Movie Day" here in Norway, so every ticket to a movie is half price.
I'm going to see the social network flick about facebook, hope it's gooooood.....

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