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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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A man with a mind for victory....

October 19th 2010

    I am excited and honored to know that I am an official blogger of the University of North dakota. It felt like no one was really reading my writing, but now that I'm a link on the Study Abroad page I'm excited as ever to share my experiences with anyone willing to read the text or watch the videos.
Speaking of videos, I DO have 3 ready to be posted, but they won't upload. Maybe I'm being impatient, but regardless it shouldn't take a 5 min. Video more than 2 hours to upload.... Come On!
       I leave on Friday for Dublin, and it's a bittersweet happenstance. It just so happens that I'm missing the ACN Homecoming dance scheduled for that day. The excellent coordinators we have--have gotten a DJ, a party spot and everything needed to make a GREAT night. I'm meeting my good buddy Tyler Farrell in Dublin and we'll be there from Friday until Tuesday staying at his friend's place. Then, on Tuesday, We fly from Dublin to Barcelona to spend roughly 4 days there. (We get in late Tuesday night, I leave Saturday afternoon.) I'm excited to finally get to travel around Europe, I had been waiting for Tarik to get his Visa, but it still hasn't come. Of course I feel guilty leaving him behind, as any friend would, but I can't wait until we can go somewhere exciting together REAL soon. =)
     I'm sure I'll be having fun, I'm just bumming out that I'm missing such a fun evening. Classes are really under-way. We've been swamped the past week and it will continue until Thursday. I have 2 more papers due next week along with the Norwegian 101 exam I have tomorrow morning. I'm making sure I get pictures of the dance to post on here so my viewers know what it's like to have a Homecoming with a 70 student school...keeping in mind we weren't aware there even was a homecoming week until roughly 6 days before. Regardless, I'm going to make it home in time for the Halloween Party, which should be fun. I'm currently Brian-storming (no, not "brain" storming) for the upcoming Study Abroad meeting at UND... What I wished I had asked before I came over here.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

My first trip to the Mat Butikken (grocery store)

I skipped showing the 10 min walk that I recorded from the dorms to the store, but you'll see the scenery in a movie coming up soon when I show a tour of the city. I will also show more on the grocery store, but check out the way they buy bread..wierd!

Friday the 15th

Oh lordy did I have fun today!
Our Norwegian 101 class went on a kayaking trip this morning and it was a blast. I had never been real kayaking before today--but I can say that I'll be going again soon. We started in a lake near our school and traveled upstream a couple kilometers before stopping, having norwegian buns and taking a break at a rest stop--then turning around and heading back to where we started. Because I was afraid of getting it wet, I didn't bring my camera to take pictures. However, I didn't tip over once, Tarik--on the other hand-- flipped twice.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back into the swing of things

     I'm back from my journey to Stavanger and it seems as if someone turned up the speed on the treadmill that is my coursework. We're deep into all of my classes and it's time to play catch-up. I'm not exactly behind at all, it's just that in the next week and a half I have 2 exams (one of which is a mid-term), a quiz, a group presentation, a take home test of a minimum eight pages, and another essay due. SO-- for anyone reading this blog thinking that they can come over any study abroad and take a cake-walk though their classes, I'm sad to inform you that you're wrong. I guess if I didn't care about my grades this would be easier, but why come to "study" abroad if I'm going to sit and beat everyone in NHL 11 all day. Not happening. I have boat loads of pictures to put up as well. Please comment or e mail me ( and let me know what you think of the blog so far. I'm running thin on ideas to make videos about, mainly because I know you don't want to see me sit and talk in front of the camera for hours on end. Boooorring!
     I'm sorry to those recently offended, Norwegians DO drink as much milk as Americans-- I misspoke.  
My Norwegian 101 class is going kayaking on Friday, should be fun! 
Hopefully the weather holds out, or at least the precipitation. It was quite rainy last week in Stavanger (home of Mr. Experience, Ulrik Hulkali) and it's been cold here since Sunday when I got back, although it's not too bad when the sun is out. High of 51, Low of 36 today, should continue to be like this all week. 
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stavanger on Fall Break... GO TWINS!

            I am currently in Stavanger, Norway and thoroughly enjoying it. Tonight we went to a professional soccer game at the local stadium and watched a victory take place for the home team—the Viking futbol’ club (out of Stavanger).
This is quite the city. I am VERY impressed with the history that surrounds it, as well as the current way of life. As a matter of fact, in 2008 Stavanger, Norway was named a “European Culture Capital” because of it’s rich, celebrated history. The city got big in the later 18 and 1900’s as a world leader in production of sardines! It’s (as you can tell by my picture) on the coast of the North sea and is b-e-a-utiful to say the least with the harbor littered with old and new buildings, and "old town", a "downtown" (business) and a "nightlife" area/section as well. It's a clean city and seems to be one of the classier places I've been since coming to Study Abroad. Stavanger gains quite a bit of money from the oil industry, something Norway is very proud of. It’s the 3rd largest city in Norway as well. It hardly snows here in Stavanger, and you cant ell by looking at the houses. Most garages are not enclosed, and practically every house has at least one large porch. It does get cold during the winter, but rarely below freezing for an extended period of time.
We’ve also been to a professional hockey game since we’ve been here, the team that Ulrik used to play for—the Stavanger Oilers. I did take pictures at the game, but they were on Tarik’s camera that got lost on the same night. I’m going to bed tonight listening to the Twins Game one against the over-rated-over-paid New York Yankees—very excited. 

Stavanger is where I'm currently spending my fall break, where Ulrik my friend is from.
His family.... (Far, Mor, Bror and Hund Zorro)(father, mother, brother and dog Zorro)
....have been VERY friendly and welcoming, I can't thank them enough for their hospitality.
Hiking in the morning, many pictures to come, although Tarik lost his camera in the back seat of a Stavangerian Taxi!