Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stavanger on Fall Break... GO TWINS!

            I am currently in Stavanger, Norway and thoroughly enjoying it. Tonight we went to a professional soccer game at the local stadium and watched a victory take place for the home team—the Viking futbol’ club (out of Stavanger).
This is quite the city. I am VERY impressed with the history that surrounds it, as well as the current way of life. As a matter of fact, in 2008 Stavanger, Norway was named a “European Culture Capital” because of it’s rich, celebrated history. The city got big in the later 18 and 1900’s as a world leader in production of sardines! It’s (as you can tell by my picture) on the coast of the North sea and is b-e-a-utiful to say the least with the harbor littered with old and new buildings, and "old town", a "downtown" (business) and a "nightlife" area/section as well. It's a clean city and seems to be one of the classier places I've been since coming to Study Abroad. Stavanger gains quite a bit of money from the oil industry, something Norway is very proud of. It’s the 3rd largest city in Norway as well. It hardly snows here in Stavanger, and you cant ell by looking at the houses. Most garages are not enclosed, and practically every house has at least one large porch. It does get cold during the winter, but rarely below freezing for an extended period of time.
We’ve also been to a professional hockey game since we’ve been here, the team that Ulrik used to play for—the Stavanger Oilers. I did take pictures at the game, but they were on Tarik’s camera that got lost on the same night. I’m going to bed tonight listening to the Twins Game one against the over-rated-over-paid New York Yankees—very excited. 

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