Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back into the swing of things

     I'm back from my journey to Stavanger and it seems as if someone turned up the speed on the treadmill that is my coursework. We're deep into all of my classes and it's time to play catch-up. I'm not exactly behind at all, it's just that in the next week and a half I have 2 exams (one of which is a mid-term), a quiz, a group presentation, a take home test of a minimum eight pages, and another essay due. SO-- for anyone reading this blog thinking that they can come over any study abroad and take a cake-walk though their classes, I'm sad to inform you that you're wrong. I guess if I didn't care about my grades this would be easier, but why come to "study" abroad if I'm going to sit and beat everyone in NHL 11 all day. Not happening. I have boat loads of pictures to put up as well. Please comment or e mail me (brian.gendreau@und.nodak.edu) and let me know what you think of the blog so far. I'm running thin on ideas to make videos about, mainly because I know you don't want to see me sit and talk in front of the camera for hours on end. Boooorring!
     I'm sorry to those recently offended, Norwegians DO drink as much milk as Americans-- I misspoke.  
My Norwegian 101 class is going kayaking on Friday, should be fun! 
Hopefully the weather holds out, or at least the precipitation. It was quite rainy last week in Stavanger (home of Mr. Experience, Ulrik Hulkali) and it's been cold here since Sunday when I got back, although it's not too bad when the sun is out. High of 51, Low of 36 today, should continue to be like this all week. 
Over and out. 

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